How to succeed and be happy –

on your own and in relationships



Psychological aid for individuals – how to find oneself, and feel better about oneself.

Frequent topics: Life crisis, loneliness, anxiety, problems with your feelings or with the feelings of your partner, or friends, problems to get settled in a foreign country.
Psychological aid for individuals – helps you to detect and change behavioural patterns, to get rid of symptoms and sufferings, and to foster your psychological development. We may use family constellations in individual sessions.

Partner or marriage counselling – how to succeed in a feisty relationship.

Frequent topics: Quarrelsome relationships, misunderstandings, problems with cultural differences, missing tenderness, problems with sex, crisis of relationships, desire for separation.

Partner or marriage counselling helps you to change behavioural patterns – to be curious again, to regain affection, to heal together. It may help you regain brave, confident and open communication, the prerequisites for stable and growing love.

Other topics:

Family therapy – how to find the way back to each other, and how to grow together.
Wish for a child – how to find a common strategy to deal with the desire to have a child.


If you want to have more information or you wish to organize a session, please send an email to Meike Langrock (tel  +49 171 6180957) or Dr. Nikolaus Peters (tel  +49 172 6129946) or call us directly on our cell phones (or send a text message)


English is not our mother tongue, but we work with many clients in English. Both psychological therapists have gained training in English, i.e. by Albert Pesso (Massachusetts), and with Martin Kirschenbaum (Los Angeles).

Psycho-Therapeutical Office (Praxis für Therapie) with two offices located in Hamburg (Winterhude) and near to Stade (Altes Land, Buxtehude)